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What we do

Does your team/organization experience reduced productivity or efficiency due to technical difficulties? Could employee relations be strengthened to foster a strengthened, collaborative work environment? The professional teams at integrate “people” with technical,  and organizational

The Technical Team.  

The team, led by Richard Connelly, provides the technical support your business needs while ensuring cost effectiveness. We will make your computer(s) better than the day you bought it.  Re-staging, recovering lost files, creating dynamic web-sites and making your system user friendly are some of the services we provide in order to reach that goal.   Everyday, we see customers that have been sold hardware and software that they don’t not need.  We will give you back “your” computer without emptying your pockets.


The People Development Team.

The team, led by Janine Connelly,  will provide your team the booster shot it needs to get rejuvenated, energized and focused on collaborative productivity.  We provide a variety of team-based programs to develop leaders and teach the tools and techniques of problem solving.  Our experience shows that adults learn best in an environment of “doing”.  All of our training and teambuilding programs are experiential and customized to your specific industry or business.

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