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Organizational Training

Organizational Training

Training & Teambuilding

6-C's of Teambuilding

The 6 – C’s of Teambuilding is designed to assist work teams in achieving process improvement through the development of relationships and partnerships.


A skill development workshop designed to prepare new trainers for the challenge of conducting training by providing the critical competencies and the latest training tools and techniques.

Myers_Briggs Type Indicator

The MBTI is a personality assessment tool designed to measure individual preferences for perceiving the world and making decisions.  The MBTI instrument has been called "the best-known and most trusted personality assessment tool available today".

Continuous Improvement

Process Consultation

We provide wing to wing gap analysis services in order to identify the stengths and weekness in your business processes.

Problem Solving 101 Training

This problem solveing training focuses on an 8 step model beginning with how to define a problem to methods for tracking the effectiveness of solutions.

Six Sigma 101 - Introduction

Six Sigma Green Belt Training - DMAIC experiential workshop

Facilitation & Coaching

Facilitator Training

The Facilitator training workshop is designed to help you master the tools and techniques that are critical to effective process facilitation.

Supervisor 101 – Its Ok To Be The Boss

All workshops are experiential and include some combination of lecture, exercises, instrumentation, videotaping, skill practice and teambuilding activities.

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