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Organizational Training

Facilitation & Coaching

Facilitator Training

The Facilitator training workshop is designed to help you sharpen your skills as a process consultant.  Facilitators focus primarily on the process, coach the team leader, attend team meetings, observe group behaviors and make interventions designed to facilitate the team’s effectiveness.  Process observations and interventions are a key element for assisting teams in becoming more aware of how to manage their process.   Topics that will be covered in the training session are:

  • Understanding the Difference between Process & Content
  • Understanding the Nature of Groups
  • Observation/Situation Understanding/Intervention
  • Types and Timing of Interventions
  • Mastering your Intervention Skills
  • Working with Team Leaders
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Understanding Individual Personality Differences on Teams
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Tools and Techniques for Effective Facilitation

Supervisor 101 – Its Ok To Be The Boss

All workshops are experiential and include a combination of lecture, exercises, and skill practice.

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