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Organizational Training

6-C’s of Teambuilding

The 6 – C’s of Teambuilding is designed to be delivered either as six – three hour sessions or 2 full-day sessions.  Teambuilding is not training, instead the goal of teambuilding is assist work teams in achieving process improvement through the development of relationships and partnerships.  Teambuilding improve a team’s ability to establish common goals, make decisions, communicate effectively and resolve differences.  Prior to the teambuilding session teams will complete the 6 – C’ Team Assessment, which takes approximately 15mins.

  • Common Ground - MBTI
  • Committed Action
  • Communicating Openly
  • Collaboration versus Competition
  • Customer Focus
  • Clear Roles and Goals

This is an experiential workshop which includes a combination of lecture, exercises, instrumentation, videotaping, skill practice and teambuilding activities.

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